Sponsor Licence Application Services

Are you a UK-based company looking to employ non-UK residents or migrant workers?

Secure your skilled workforce with the assistance of BFC recruitment & Consultancy. We provide full and comprehensive consultancy and assistance to obtain your Sponsor Licence.

Whether they are EU nationals or from other regions, having a valid sponsor licence from the UK Home Office is essential. The application process can be intricate, but BFC Recruitment offers expert consultancy services to streamline the process.

There are two main types of sponsor licences available:

  • Tier 2
  • Tier 5

The Tier 2 licence is for employers seeking to sponsor non-UK nationals for skilled jobs, while Tier 5 is for temporary work in various fields. BFC Recruitment can guide you through the application, ensuring compliance with sponsor licence guidance and meeting eligibility criteria.

Key Requirements for Sponsor Licence Application:

 – Submission of a sponsorship licence application form

– Minimum of 4 supporting documents, including: – Companies House Registration Number – SIGNED Annual Accounts (mandatory for businesses over 18 months old) – Business bank statement (registered and regulated by FCA and PRA) – Employers liability insurance certificate (minimum cover £5 million)

– Documents of Lease/ freehold, or tenancy agreement – Regulatory approvals (e.g., Health & Safety star rating, ACCA, SRA)

– VAT Certificate (if registered) – PAYE or Account Office reference letter from HMRC

– Mandatory pension scheme that meet the specific needs of each event.

If an application for sponsor licence is refused, there is a six-month cooling-off period before reapplication. Appeals may be possible, and correction of document errors is also an option. For unresolved matters, a judicial review is the final recourse.

How Long Does It Take?

Typically, the sponsor licence application process takes about 8 weeks for a decision from the Home Office. However, complexities or missing information may extend processing time. On-site visits to your business premises may also be conducted, adding a few more weeks to the process.

To make the whole process faster, we can assist you to apply using the priority service.

CoS Services

Evaluating requirements, communicating with the Home Office, submitting requests for Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) allocation, and assigning CoS to chosen candidates porters, and bar assistants.